Tour 1: Town Center

Walking Tour 1: Town Center

Parking and Beginning Your Tour:

You usually can find parking along Main Street near School Street (see map, below). Tour #1 takes you on a circular route: start on the sidewalk along School Street, bear right along Water Street (for your safety stay on the north side of Water Street as there is no continuous sidewalk on the other side), bear right onto Main Street, walk back to where you parked.
OPTION 1: park at the Hoxie House (see map). If it's open, be sure to see the inside of this historic Rev. Smith/Hoxie House (combination tickets for Hoxie and the Grist Mill are available). To continue your tour: from the Hoxie parking lot, cross Water Street (Route 130). Be careful crossing this busy road. Then turn left (west) and walk along the sidewalk. For your safety stay on this side as there is no continuous sidewalk on the other (south) side of Water St. Tour #1 continues on a circlular route:  when you come to the Town Hall/Grist Mill area, bear right and follow Main Street (visit the Grist Mill if it's open). Take another right when you come to School Street. You will end up back on Water Street at the Hoxie House.
OPTION 2: when you arrive at Town Hall, cross Main Street and a short walk to your left (west) will bring you to the Glass Museum.

Tour 1 Interactive Map:

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Tour 1 Overview:

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Tour 1 Satellite View:

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Tour 1  Birdseye View, 1858:

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Key for 1858 Map:

4 Sandwich Card & Tag Co./Grist Mill

6 Town Hall (130 Main St.)

7 Casino (School St., now gone)

9 School (School St., now gone)

10 Academy (Jarves St., now gone)

14 Novelty Block (Jarves St.)

15 Central House (149 Main St., Dan'l. Webster Inn now on site)

16 Post Office (cor. Main & Jarves, now gone)

18 Congregational Church (136 Main St.)

19 Unitarian Church (143 Main St.)

From left to right: Unitarian church, Boyden Block and Central House (now gone), Nancy Fessenden House, Apothecary Shop, Thayer House